What Is the Best Office Printer for Small Business?

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Are you working in one of the more than 30 million small businesses in the USA?

In recent years, more and more people have set up the business they have always dreamed of.

However, in 2020, as conditions change many businesses are looking to downscale or move their operations to a home environment.

How can you be sure that your office has everything it needs to function efficiently in new surroundings? Ensuring that you have a suitable printer is a basic step.

How can you choose the best office printer for small business or home office setup? Simply read on to find out.

best office printer for small business

The All-Round Office Printer: imageRUNNER ADVANCE 615iFZ II

Every office needs a printer that can handle large print loads without sacrificing quality. Look no further than the imageRunner Advance 615iFZ II. This printer can provide support to almost any small to mid-size office setup and multiple teams.

It does this by offering multiple connectivity options. These include standard network, WIFI, and offers the option of NFC and Bluetooth printing. It offers fast scanning and printing by means of its single-pass duplex feeder.

The image Runner advance 615iFZ II is also one of the easiest and most intuitive printers to use. This is mainly thanks to its smartphone-like 10.1″ full-color control panel.

This printer has multiple page size options and can meet the needs of even a complex office team.

The Fast Laser Printer: Lexmark C740

If you are a high-volume printing office, then likely you have a preference for laser printers. The Lexmark C740 can offer you the printing quality and speed that you are looking for.

If you print images, you will no doubt be impressed by the 1200×1200 dpi resolution capability of the C740. To ensure accurate and quality images, the C740 uses color matching tools such as Color Replacement and PANTONE® calibration.

To support this high capacity printing, the C740 includes ink cartridges that can print 12,000 pages in black and white and 10,000 in color.

This is a printer that will meet the needs of small offices that need to print a large number of printed documents on a regular basis. If this is you, this printer will more than meet your needs.

The Smaller-Office Printer: Lexmark C792

If you are looking for a printer that can support professional-grade printing, yet not take up valuable floor space, the C792 may be what you need.

As with many of Lexmarks’s high-end printers, the C792 uses Color Replacement and PANTONE® calibration to ensure crisp and clear printing. This is also an exceptionally fast printer with speeds of up to 50 pages per minute. One reason for this is the hefty 1GB of internal memory and powerful processing power.

Despite its small size, this is not a high maintenance machine. It has an input capacity of 3,200 sheets. Put together, this means that in a small case, you have a fast, memory packed printer that produces excellent quality prints.

The High-Volume Printer: Lexmark CX825

If you need to take a large print job and drop it in your print queue without having to give it a second thought, you may want to take a look at the CX825.

This printer comes with a massive 2GB of memory, almost 3,000-page paper input, and a monthly duty cycle of a quarter of a million pages. It can print 55 pages per minute and offers a wide range of printing finishing options.

Despite its muscle, the CX825 is surprisingly intuitive to use and offers full-color displays. These displays are touch screens. However, they do not require skin contact. A pen, stylus, or other tools can be used to operate the touchscreen. This is an important detail in the COVID-19 world of 2020.

An Energy-Efficient Printer: Lexmark MS520

Under the current economic conditions, small businesses everywhere are considering every expenditure before committing. This includes the running and energy costs of each device they invest in.

The MS520 offers lower running costs than the average printer, while not compromising on reasonable printer performance. It can print up to 46 sheets per minute with an input tray size that is expandable to 2,000 sheets. It handles its workload at a reasonable rate with its 512MB memory.

No electricity is wasted by this printer as it incorporates multiple energy management features. The printer will enter sleep mode during times of inactivity. During use, the printer will measure its workload and lower power consumption to the minimum needed.

These options combine to give the printer the impressive Energy Star 2.0 rating. This both benefits the planet and contributes to lower office running costs.

Award-Winning Security Options: Lexmark MX720

If you work with sensitive information or have different levels of management sharing the same printer, then security will be a priority for you when selecting a printer.

Lexmark mandates security features across their printer range and the MX720 is a prime example of their security standards. In fact, Buyers Lab recently awarded Lexmark their prestigious award for Document Imaging Security.

The MX720 is not only valued for its security features. It is a robust small office printer with an impressive input capacity of 3300 sheets and an output capability of 70 pages per minute. The MX720 comes with an 11,000-page ink cartridge included as standard.

The MX720 supports this with a truly powerful engine. It has 6GB memory to offer and a quad-core processor to make even hi-res image printing look easy.

How to Choose the Best Office Printer for Small Business and Home Office Setups

If you are setting up a small business, you will know that you will need to use every square inch in your office space wisely. Choosing a printer that will meet your printing needs without taking up unnecessary space is a vital part of this.

The models that we have discussed today will guide you when you are researching the best office printer for small business or home office setup.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest in printer and office technology, then we can help you. Why not check out our blog articles or contact us to find out more.

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