In-House vs Outsourced IT Services in Orlando: Which Is Better For You?

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The global budget for IT could reach $3.92 trillion this year, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of businesses (64%) are updating outdated infrastructure. Others are increasing security measures or preparing for employee growth.

A strong IT team can set your business up for long-term growth and success.

On the fence about choosing between in-house vs outsourced IT services for your Orlando business? Here are a few factors that can help you make the decision. By comparing the pros and cons, you can make a more informed choice for your business.

Discover the IT services you need for growth and success! Keep reading to determine if you need an in-house or outsourced IT team today.

Pros of In-House IT

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an in-house IT team over outsourced IT services is familiarity. Your in-house team will understand your business and infrastructure inside and out. Since they’re on-staff employees, they’re more invested in your company’s success.

Your in-house team will also have stronger relationships with your employees. They’ll want to create solutions with your team in mind.

Since your in-house team is on-site, they’ll also respond faster to an incident. Their immediate response can help your business get back up and running in no time. Otherwise, a delay could impact your productivity and bottom line.

You’ll only need to call an extension before your in-house IT team is on the job.

A faster response time can reduce unnecessary downtime. It can also ensure you remediate potential damage before problems can get worse.

Choosing an in-house IT team over managed IT support will help you maintain control, too. You can control the quality of work you receive and the team’s response time. You can choose what projects they prioritize as well.

You can even ensure your team continues receiving training as technology changes.

You’ll have an easier time controlling your budget as a result.

Cons of In-House IT

Before you decide to hire an in-house IT team, it helps to consider the potential downsides.

For starters, hiring an in-house team is expensive. You’ll need to consider the costs of finding, hiring, and training your team. Onboarding, payroll, and benefits can stack up over time.

You’ll also need to consider the costs of continuous training and certification. Otherwise, your in-house team could struggle to remain up-to-date with current technologies.

Your in-house IT team will only remain available during work hours. Accidents won’t wait for 9 am on a Monday morning, though. If there’s an incident after hours or on the weekend, you could struggle to reach someone.

You’ll have to pay time-and-a-half if you need them to work during off-hours.

Unfortunately, support tickets can start piling up as well. Your in-house team might struggle to keep up with software patches and IT requests. If you have a small IT team and huge business, your team might feel outnumbered.

If these issues sound familiar, you might want to consider managed IT services instead.

Pros of Outsourced IT Services

Now that we’ve discussed keeping an IT team in-house, let’s discuss the benefits of outsourced IT services.

For starters, you’ll have immediate access to a team of experts. If you have a specific project you need help with, you can choose an expert based on their expertise. You’ll have access to different experts in different areas of technology.

For example, you can request help with data management, system administration, or cybersecurity.

An in-house team might have gaps in their knowledge base. By choosing IT consulting companies, you won’t have to worry. IT management services will ensure you have access to the help you need, when you need it.

You can also gain access to your IT consulting experts 24/7.

While an in-house team might have faster response times, you’re usually limited to getting help during work hours. With outsourced IT services, you can request help 24/7. Gaining access to 24/7 support can ensure your business never experiences downtime.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to pay extra for help during off-hours.

Choosing managed IT services can help you save money, too. In fact, nearly 60% of businesses use outsourcing to reduce expenses. You won’t have to cover benefits, payroll, or other expenses.

Instead, you can work with IT consulting companies to develop a plan that suits your budget. You’ll never have to pay for services you don’t need.

The quality of service is higher, too. Companies that offer IT management services will want to offer the best possible experience to their customers. Otherwise, their professional reputation could falter.

Cons of Outsourced IT Services

There are a few disadvantages to consider before choosing IT consulting services.

For example, you might feel like you have less control. You could struggle to monitor what your outsourced IT team is working on. With that in mind, it helps to schedule regular meetings with your team.

You can maintain visibility and keep your outsourced team accountable.

Some businesses claim they struggle to communicate with their outsourced IT team since they’re off-site. While you won’t see your outsourced team, they’re still working in the background.

In-House vs. Outsourced IT

What should you choose: an in-house IT team or outsourced IT services for your Orlando business?

Consider your company’s needs. If you’re looking to save money, you might want to consider managed IT services. You’ll receive the support you need at a fraction of the cost.

Some businesses use a hybrid model. You can keep a small IT team in-house, then outsource projects as needed. Your outsourced IT team can boost your company’s overall productivity.

You can fill in potential gaps and receive the support you need.

Meanwhile, you’ll only pay for the help you need, improving your IT budget.

Choosing a hybrid model will allow you to experience the benefits of both worlds!

Making the Choice: In-House vs Outsourced IT Services in Orlando

To recap, should you choose an in-house IT team or outsourced IT services for your Orlando business? Ultimately, the choice is yours. Working with IT consulting companies could benefit your business, saving you time, money, and stress.

Want to discuss your current IT needs with a team of pros? We’re here to help.

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