Outsourced IT Support Services: What To Choose In 2021

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As its name suggests, outsourced IT support is a variety of technical services with the purpose of helping with IT technology supplied by a third-party provider. It consists of day-to-day support activities, installing and configuring hardware and networks, cloud computing, etc.

Today, the central role of this technology means that it’s critical for every business regardless of its size. Every time your business faces problems in the IT sector, its profitability will suffer. Problems that remain unanswered will slow down productivity, create tension among your employees, and will cost time and money.

The need for outsourced IT support services

According to a recent survey, 53% of small and medium business owners believe that they are at a competitive disadvantage compared to larger entities regarding IT spending. In 43% of cyber attack cases, the target was a small business, but only 14% of small to medium businesses are capable of defending against such attacks. The cost of delays caused by IT issues can cost your company up to 300.000 USD per hour. However, 59% of business owners claim they have difficulty implementing new technology. 

A partner like 1-800 Office Solutions will help you offset all these problems that small companies face. Working with a service provider like we are will eliminate the everyday IT stress, allowing your team to focus on business operations. Working with us, you can be sure you will get a dedicated partner for all IT-related issues.

So, what are the main benefits of outsourcing IT support?

The first and most important benefit of outsourced IT support services is that you will have more time to focus on developing your business. 1-800 Office Solutions, for example, can handle all your IT tasks allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities completely.

A second one is that with outsourced IT support, you gain access to professional expertise. We employ people who are prepared and capable of answering any IT problems and provide adequate solutions. Once you hire us as your dedicated IT support provider, you will get a prompt and effective response to all your IT needs.

Outsourced It Service

A fourth benefit is an increase in your employees’ performance, limiting your downtime with fewer errors.

The IT support teams know all the compliance standards and regulations and can provide security strategies minimizing your company’s risks of being targeted in a cyberattack. Also, hiring a team means that you will work with the newest technology and reduce your company’s operational costs in the IT department.

Smaller businesses are the ones who usually benefit the most from fully outsourced IT. But you can also choose to do partial outsourcing – hiring a single specialist while employing a professional IT department of your own. This is a good approach if you want to lessen the burden on your IT employees or you need help solving a particular IT issue. 

Partial outsourcing can also be done by distributing different IT roles to various specialists. This could be a good way to avoid overlapping your team’s IT duties or when your company faces a complex problem that would be too expensive and take a lot of time if you addressed yourself.

Having in mind all the above-stated benefits, you can be sure that a partner like 1-800 Office Solutions will allow you to maintain a comparative advantage over your competitors.

There is a wide range of outsourced IT services that 1-800 Office Solutions can provide:

  •         Managed IT Services (IT Consulting, IT Strategy, PC/Mac Support, Server and Networking, Back up and Disaster Recovery, All Size Business Solutions)
  •         Managed Security Services (Compliance Management, Computer Forensics, Threat Management, Vulnerability Management)
  •         Cloud Solutions (Microsoft Office 365, Server Colocation, Sharepoint, Virtual Server/Hosting, Virtual Private Network)
  •         Digital Transformation Software (Document Management, Managed Print Services, Advanced Capture Technology, Scanning Technology)
  • According to research conducted by Technavio, the market for outsourced IT support is expected to reach 486 billion USD by 2024.  A large number of organizations across a variety of sectors are speeding up their digital transformation. This is most pronounced in the financial, healthcare, and telecommunication industries.

Cloud computing is also gaining in popularity. Businesses are increasingly outsourcing maintenance, security compliance, and daily troubleshooting to a “cloud.” Cloud systems are predicted to grow almost by 50% in the period between 2019 and 2022.

How 2020 changed everything

The current COVID-19 pandemic only emphasized the importance of outsourced IT services in 2021. The social distancing policies implemented to prevent the disease’s spread created a situation where remote working is becoming the norm. Many companies will start using outsourced IT services in 2021 for the first time. History shows that these trends are irreversible. During the last crisis in 2008, only 9% of companies terminated their Outsourcing contracts.

Outsourced IT Support provide 1-800 Office Solutions

Finding a reliable partner and building effective relationships is a challenging job. In the past, the trend was to split the outsourced IT services to multiple outsourcing partners. Over time, it became clear that working with one service provider is much more advantageous. It is much easier to maintain an effective and productive relationship with one partner than with multiple vendors. A single provider always has a complete picture of the IT needs of its client.


The year 2020 showed us how volatile our lives can be and how fast changes may come. It showed us how vulnerable people are and how important it is to be able to adapt quickly.

You should not wait for problems to develop in your IT sector, to hire a managed services provider. Contact the best one in the field- Virtual Edge IT. The company is a fully integrated IT platform that will make your IT operation run smoothly, effectively, and effortlessly. We can help you detect your IT needs and find solutions to your IT problems, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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