The Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services in Health Care

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Information technology (IT) professionals in healthcare are among the most important employees. In fact, patients rely on IT experts to protect their medical privacy. And, 84% of patients are confident that their medical records are safe from unauthorized individuals because of the work that the medical IT staff does.

Without your IT team, your patients wouldn’t have this confidence in your medical facility. That’s why we recommend managed IT services.

With managed IT support, you can experience all of the advantages of having Internet and data experts on your side. And, even the disadvantages have an upside.

So, to learn more, keep reading. We’re going to cover all the pros and cons you need to know.

Pros of Managed IT Services

By hiring IT services, you can open up your entire business to possibilities that it didn’t have before. Unless you already have an extremely intelligent, dedicated team of IT professionals, you’ll be surprised by what outsourced IT services can do.

So, let’s run through these positive side effects of hiring IT management services.

1. They’re Cost-Effective

If you decide to hire managed IT services, you can cut down on your business’ operational costs. Outsourcing IT services is much cheaper than hiring and paying your own team of IT professionals.

Here are a few of the costs that you won’t have to worry about anymore:

  • Buying new hardware for each employee
  • Training each person who is a part of your IT staff
  • Paying the salaries of each IT professional

We could go on and on, but we’re sure that you get it. These costs can add up and become very expensive. And – in healthcare – we’re always looking to save money so we can fund more important things like patient care and research.

2. They’re Experts in Their Field

By outsourcing your IT team, you’re ensuring that every single person on that team is a well-trained professional. Those individuals are more likely to have more training and a wider breadth of knowledge than some of the people that you may hire near your business.

Outsourced services compose teams of experts from all over the world. So, they have more IT professionals to choose from and hire. So, they have a higher likelihood of finding the best in the field since they’re widening their scope.

A more qualified IT team will keep your company competitive against other medical facilities. And, it will ensure that that team can handle anything that comes its way.

3. They Can Control Security Breaches

Security breaches are a big deal. And, unfortunately, they’re common, especially in medical settings.

By outsourcing your IT team, you’re ensuring that your IT professionals will know the most recent updates and strategies for preventing these security breaches. These teams have consistent training in the best strategies for today’s security.

So, in the end, you’ll find that your business will be up-to-par with security standards every single day. You won’t fall behind other companies around you.

4. They’re Available All Day Every Day

Managed IT providers are always available to you and your company. If anything is going wrong, they will be able to help you regardless of the time and day. For 24/7 medical facilities, like hospitals, this could be a life-saver.

So, even if something bad happens in the middle of the night, your IT team will be there. And, they’ll be able to fix the problem and get things up and running in no time.

This can help you maximize uptime.

Usually, companies have to call in an employee or have a designated person on-call. But, with managed IT services, this is already accounted for.

5. They’ll Follow Rules and Regulations

As we mentioned, outsourced IT professionals are always up to date with the most recent rules and regulations. And, as cybercrime rises in prevalence, you’re going to need this kind of wisdom, especially in the medical field.

Businesses have requirements regarding data and privacy regulations. So, your IT team needs to follow these regulations while ensuring that your business is safe.

These outsourced IT professionals are experts and stay updated with the newest requirements. So, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and relax.

Cons of Managed IT Services

Everything has downfalls, but – when it comes to managed IT services – they ‘downfalls’ aren’t harsh. As we’re discussing them, we’re going to talk about how we look at these downfalls and how you can overcome them.

The cons of outsourced IT services are few, but some professionals find them bothersome.

Let’s dive in.

1. They Aren’t Physically Present

If you outsource your IT team, those employees are going to be physically present inside your building. Therefore, if something happens, you won’t have the experts there to talk through it in person.

However, the issues that you’re going to experience are going to happen online. So, these individuals wouldn’t need to be in person anyways. They can do everything they need to do over the Internet.

Some businesses prefer all employees to be physically present, but this is one of those jobs that doesn’t require this kind of setup.

2. They Work for Other Companies

Your outsourced IT team isn’t going to just be working for your company. They’re also going to be helping other companies and perhaps even other medical facilities.

So, it’s important to note that they may not just be experts in what your facility needs and wants. They may also be helping others.

Some businesses prefer to have company-specific employees. But, if these employees are working for other companies, they may learn useful information that they can apply to your company.

Hiring Managed IT Services

After hearing all of these great things about managed IT services, we’re sure that you’re ready to hire a few IT experts of your own. Outsourced IT services can completely change your healthcare facility for the better.

From saving money to following regulations, our IT professionals can do it all. So, consider our managed IT services in Miami, Florida and Tampa, Florida. We can’t wait to get to work!

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