What Does Duplex Scanning Mean

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You have heard the word scanning before, and you have likely done it for your job or business. However, a term that you have likely not heard about before is duplex scanning. Although this involves scanning documents, as usual, there is a major difference between regular and duplex scanning.

There are some printers that come with the ability to scan in this way, but not all are equipped for this work. So, if you want to know all about duplex scanning and how it works, then keep reading to get all the information you need.

What is Duplex Scanning?

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Although the act of scanning is the same in both types of scanning, the difference is that duplex scanning allows for a scan of both sides of a page. This can be done by reusing the backside of a page instead of using a new piece of paper.

Whether you are using these documents for work, school, or other activities, you can save paper by using both sides of the page instead of letting that open space go to waste.

Duplex Scanning Printers

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Normal printers offer the ability to scan one side, then manually insert the page back into the slot to scan the other side. However, a duplexer printer will take less time to scan multiple documents and works great for commercial, home, and business use. It will allow you to scan a large number of documents at once and cut the time it takes to do it in half.

This is typically seen on multifunctional printers or MFPs, and use a RADF (reverse automatic document feeder) which refeeds the paper through the scanner for double-sided printing. However, it can also be done by a one-pass printer instead with the use of two cameras that work at once.

Using one of these printers will allow you to engage in duplex scanning without the need to refeed the pages yourself. This will allow you to start the scanning or printing process and not have to be nearby for the job to be done.


Now that you know what a double-sided scanner, printer, or machine can do, you should understand why these options are beneficial. From saving time and money to being better for the environment, there are benefits that you might not realize.

Saves Time

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why a customer will begin to duplex scan or purchase a double-sided scanner because it allows you to get more scanning done in less time. Whether you have a scanner with two cameras or a printer that refeeds the paper itself so you don’t have to, it will save you lots of time not having to manually do it.

If you are starting to implement duplex printing practices into a business environment, this can make an even bigger difference over the course of a year. Whether your coworkers or employees are using both sides of the page my manually reusing the backside of the page, or you have purchased a double-sided scanner, you can save lots of time during the workday.

Saves Trees

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Not only is duplex printing better for your time management, but it is also easier on the environment. Because you are using less paper to get the same number of documents, you are creating the need for less trees to be chopped down and used to make paper. More trees mean better quality of air, and that is better for everyone on the planet.

Saves Money

Using less paper to get the same amount of work done will cut down the costs of paper for your home or office. Not only will you need less paper, but you can buy less in the future because you go through your current supply much slower.

In an office where there is a ton of paperwork handled every day, this can make a huge difference in the costs of supplies over the month. Cutting the amount of paper you purchase each month in half will boost your profits and save you money that can be invested in the company itself or rewarded to the employees who work hard for the business.


Implementing duplex printing practices in your home or office offers plenty of benefits that make the change worth it. And, if you choose to purchase a new double-sided scanner or duplexer printer, then you will see that the cost is worth the time and money you save.

Whether you are invested in saving the environment, saving money on business supplies, or just want to make your business run more efficiently, you will see the improvements through duplex printing.

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