IT Consulting

Professional IT Consulting Services from Industry Experts

Professional IT Consulting Services from Industry Experts

At 1-800 Office Solutions, our information technology consulting services focus on improving business performances by analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining diversified solutions. We help you gain the maximum benefit from your IT systems by streamlining and updating processes to deliver excellence at every stage.

This approach includes ongoing quality assurance, project management, and strategic planning processes to ensure projects are successful. Your business thrives and grows with every successful project and it makes sense to optimize your IT systems and processes to achieve this.

In addition to ‘pure process expertise’, 1-800 Office Solutions brings significant depth in technology-enabled solutions to many business challenges. Whatever industry or sector your business is in, we can give you the edge – the 1-800 Office Solutions – over other businesses. Lifting your business to a new level gives you the opportunity to expand, grow, and excel like never before.


Maximize Security, Stability, and Profitability

Our team of IT consultants and engineers specialize in evaluating your current operational and technology environment to find out exactly where your systems currently are. We’ll develop a simple and robust technology road map for all technological resources that will enable you to continue operations without interruption.

Budgeting for the future through strategic planning allows our customers to prepare for several years into the future and delivers a full understanding of the costs, resources, and business options that need to be planned for and aligned with their business strategy.

A strong business strategy backed by powerful IT systems that all work towards the goals of the business creates a powerful force that can turn your business into a cornerstone of your industry. Knowing your goals is only the beginning – setting a plan into motion to reach these goals is what will turn it into reality, and our team is ready to help your business take the next step.

Full Service with Our Business IT Consulting Professionals

Our Business IT  Consulting Professionals Cover all the Bases

  • IT Strategy Consulting
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • IT Project Management
  • IT  Security Audit
  • Software Implementation

IT Strategy Consulting

We choose team members who are highly skilled and knowledgeable, constantly keeping up with the latest changes in both technology and business best practices. To create a successful strategy for your business, our IT consultancy service begins with developing a full understanding of how your business currently works, including the issues, bottlenecks, and challenges you face.

We’ll take the time to analyze and evaluate your systems and processes, and will develop a strategy that takes into account your current position, and where you want your business to be. Meticulous planning allows you to budget for any changes and updates that need to be actioned, and the foresight you gain will help you to plot the performance of your business over the coming years. Every strategy and solution is custom-designed for your business as no two businesses are identical.

Creating a strong foundation will allow you to build a business that succeeds – your IT systems, processes, and equipment will meet your needs both now and in the years to come.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

What happens when everything goes wrong? For many businesses, if one computer system fails, it could mean the end of the business. Years of data, customer records, financial information, and everything needed for running the business could be lost. As part of our IT business consulting process, we’ll ensure that you have a plan in place for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Business continuity simply means that your business will be able to carry on, uninterrupted, even if a major problem occurs. Disaster recovery is what happens in the aftermath – when disaster strikes, you need to have a plan in place to restore your data, keep the business running, and come back fighting.

Whatever your business does, you will have unique data that needs protecting, and that is vital to keeping your business on track. An IT strategy that includes effective backup processes, systems for bringing your business back online, and the confidence to execute these plans will ensure that your business thrives even in the most difficult times.

IT Project Management

IT consulting for businesses is required to find the strengths and weaknesses within your business, but what happens afterward? Even with a plan and strategy in place, you may feel out of your depth trying to execute each step. That’s why we offer IT project management support – to enable businesses to enact the strategy that has been created for them.

Your business is unique, and so there is no point in delivering a cookie-cutter set of solutions. You need something designed for your business, and this often means that new IT projects must be started. We provide IT project management services that walk you through the process from start to end.

As we already know your business inside and out, we can effectively plan and coordinate any IT projects to cause the minimum disruption and provide the maximum benefit. You just need to give us the go-ahead, and we’ll take control of every aspect of the process.

This leaves you in a position to simply run your business as you always have while we make the changes behind the scenes. Once it’s all done, you’ll be the first to know, and your business will benefit from the newest additions and updates to your IT systems.

IT Security Audit

New threats to IT security are being discovered all the time, and cybercriminals never rest. You might not appreciate the benefit of an effective firewall or up-to-date antivirus software, but they are vital components of your IT security system.

Our IT security audit service ensures the security on your network and individual devices is up to date and as strong as possible. Issues can occur within your network as well as attacks from outside your network, so keeping your protection strong at all times is vital to success.

Hackers, malware, and viruses never rest – isn’t it time you made sure they can’t have a negative effect on your business?

data security

Software Implementation

Our IT consulting service can identify areas that your business needs to improve, and this may include using new or updated software to perform particular actions. Alternatively, you may have already identified the software you need to use, but you aren’t sure how to get it up and running within your existing processes and user base.

Our software implementation service will allow you to adopt new software and easily integrate it into your business workflow. We know that many new applications, tools, and programs can be complex, and often the difficulty can be found in the initial setup. Our IT consultancy team is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of software installation, configuration, and operation across multiple systems, which ensure that we’ll be able to get you up and running easily.

IT Consultancy That Works for You

When you need an IT consultant to help you lift your business, eradicate problems, and plan for the future, we’re here to help. We adapt to your methods or work and the systems you already have in place to make a smooth transition, giving your business and employees the chance to exceed expectations and progress to the next level.

Get in touch today to find out what we can do for your IT systems to help your business grow effectively.


What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant uses their expertise in the field of technology to advise their clients about strategies to help their business. Usually, this includes installing and maintaining software products to organize the business’ data.

What makes a good IT strategy?

A good strategy not only solves the company’s problems, but it also is written so that all of the management employees understand it. This allows employees beyond the technology department to read, understand, and facilitate the strategy.

What is an IT plan?

An IT plan is simply a document written by an IT consultant that details the technological strategy which will be used to continue business operations. Typically, these plans are written to be completed over several months in specific increments.

What is a technology consulting firm?

A technology consulting firm is a group composed of different technology consultants with different backgrounds who are hired temporarily to help clients with their businesses. Technology consulting firms have the advantage of offering clients multiple perspectives for solutions to certain problems.

What is technology advisory?

Similar to any other type of technology consulting, a technology advisory helps a business to align its corporate goals with its business. They implement a long-term strategy to invest in and implement the right technology components to run the business.

What is the meaning of business consultant?

A business consultant is a broad term that describes a business professional who advises various businesses on aspects of their business. Depending on the needs of the business, you might hire a business consultant to look at security, legal, logistics, accounting, or any other number of issues within your business.