Lexmark MX520 Series

Lexmark MX520 Series lets IT departments drive standardization across the enterprise without sacrificing fleet flexibility.

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Mid-size workgroups can work fast and still run economically with the up-to 46 page-per-minute (letter) multifunction product series whose long-life components rarely need replacement. A multi-core processor joins up to 2 GB of memory to power through big jobs, while a durable design helps keep things moving.

The definition of clear text

Some laser printers struggle to print gray text that’s easy to read—not the MX520 series. Its innovative font outlining technology makes even the smallest gray text crisp and clear.

Ready when you are

Robust and reliable, Lexmark multifunction products are built to work anywhere from showroom to warehouse with few interventions. Keep going with long-life components, replacement cartridge yields up to 25,000 pages² and a maximum input capacity of 2000 pages.

Energy efficiency

Make every watt count with energy management features that reduce power consumption whether the printer is active or in sleep mode. Lower fusing temperature and automatic management of processor cores based on workload help meet rigorous Energy Star 2.0 requirements. That benefits the planet and your budget.

Key Benefits

  • Lexmark MX520 Series include strong security features that’s present on Lexmark’s other printers and MFPs. Some of those features include user authentication, network security, document security, and secure remote management. The Lexmark MX520 Series offers an optional print release feature.
  • Sharp text and reliable performance mean the quality output will just keep going.
  • Lexmark’s comprehensive approach to product security is a design and engineering mandate across our entire product portfolio. Our security features help keep your information safe—in the document, on the device, over the network, and at all points in between.
  • Save energy and shield your valuable information with a comprehensive product lineup.


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  1. Marian Dunn says:

    Immensely satisfied with this amazing product.

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