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When you need it most, you want to be assured that you have a backup and disaster recovery solution that’s nearly maintenance-free and priced to fit your budget. 

1-800 Office Solutions can help you avoid the potential system failures that may threaten your business creating chaos and loss of necessary data. Recreating lost information is expensive and time-consuming — it could be days, weeks or even months before business operations return to normal, if at all.

The backup and recovery solutions from 1-800 Office Solutions are designed to revive your network and restore employee productivity quickly if an event occurs. Vital data is backed up, kept safe and secure, and restored with little or no disruption to the business. Be secure! Let 1-800 Office Solutions protect your business data.

1-800 Office Solutions has been supporting customers like you for more than two decades and our 90 locations across the United States bring our customers personalized local service.

Backup And Recovery Disaster recovery

  • PLAN

Develop a comprehensive data recovery plan to sustain operations in the event of a disaster. In knowing who’s responsible for what and why, this is your guide to survival.


If disaster does strike, time is crucial. Minimize downtime with cloud-based data backups to restore your business quickly. This process is also redundant, reliable, and secure.


Consider our skillful guidance and support another level of backup. Your data stays safe, your team stays productive — and your business stays open.


Discover the easiest, most affordable way to keep your business running. 

Data Backups Every 15-minutes for Fast Recovery 

Data is saved consistently and at all times allowing recovery from our virtual server within minutes. 

Regulation Compliance 

Our backup and recovery solution helps you avoid violating federal data regulations such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley. 

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) 

RMM service is included with the solution as additional protection against issues. 

Email Recovery 

Our email recovery for Office365, Gmail or Microsoft Exchange Servers will recover critical emails lost days or even months ago. 

Major Event Data Protection 

Fire, flood, earthquake… our remote SAS70 Type II and HIPAA-compliant data centers will have your data and records safely housed for any major even



  1. Can backed-up data be restored to different kinds of hardware?

  2. Can both recent and older archived data be restored?

  3. Are data backups monitored to diagnose and remedy failures in real-time?

  4. Is data automatically backed up both onsite and offsite?

Contact us today to get 24/7 remote monitoring, data safety, and reliable business continuity with our backup and recovery solutions!

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