Four Types Of IT Maintenance That You Need To Know About

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These days, maintenance is essential to ensure the security of your software and systems in your company. Regular IT maintenance is crucial because it ensures the IT system operates effectively. 

When considering the different types of IT maintenance, you should take into consideration two aspects. The first one is that it includes both hardware and software, which are the most important components that influence your system’s operations. The second aspect explains that various types of maintenance can work at the same time. For instance, in cases of corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance may not anticipate the problem.

IT Maintenance

Let’s check and learn more about the four types of IT maintenance.


Predictive IT Maintenance

This type of maintenance is carried out to diagnose possible failures in your system and to try to avoid them before they occur. This type of IT maintenance is carried out in a very significant way – through the monitoring process of your computer systems. So, one or several technicians properly control the operating of equipment and systems by using monitoring software. This monitoring software is used in order to control different kinds of features like battery levels, the temperature of the SPU, and many others.


Preventive IT Maintenance

In comparison with predictive maintenance, preventive IT maintenance is a very frequent type of maintenance. This type is carried out in order to prevent possible errors and improve the function of your system.

However, according to many studies and situations, it was proved that preventive maintenance is very useful in many aspects.  For instance, it can easily detect weak points in your system that may affect its functions, and it also decreases the number of system failures or reduce the numeral repairs. Therefore, when we discuss this type of maintenance of software includes operations like the formation of backup copies, clearing the hard disk space and RAM, or even scanning of the computers through antivirus.

Nevertheless, it was noticed that there are two different kinds of preventive maintenance known as “active preventive maintenance” and “passive preventive maintenance.”


Corrective IT Maintenance

IT maintenance has to be applied in situations when predictive and preventive maintenance doesn’t work properly and is not able to avoid the error. 

For instance, in a case where there is a hardware breakdown, immediate repairing or replacement is required to be in function again. This type of maintenance is crucial to solving the problem, determining the cause that may affect other parts of the system, and prevent it from happening again in the future.  


Evolutionary IT Maintenance

The evolutionary IT maintenance is not intended to prevent and correct possible errors but to develop the computer resources that are accessible. As we already know, technology is rapidly developing, which means that the tools are constantly changing.

evolutionary IT maintenance

Nonetheless, with this evolutionary maintenance, we hope to ensure that computer systems do not become outdated but rather stay current to provide customers with the best technology choices possible, based on and company’s and organization’s capabilities. Therefore, depending on the requirements, this form of maintenance will involve anything from software updates to full equipment or device replacements.

How Do You Know What’s Best For You?

So far, we’ve looked at the most common forms of IT maintenance. As you would expect, due to the difficulty of this form of project, it’s normally left to professionals like system managers or specialist companies that provide maintenance services to businesses, professionals, and individuals.

Additionally, the complex IT maintenance tasks involve company security. For this reason, many businesses outsource to a professional IT support company that has a team of experts with the required experience and skills.

Also, IT maintenance security involves significant system and software backups, guaranteeing the safe storage of your company’s important information. All relevant IT documentation needs to be immediately accessible for successful backup and recovery in case of a major server letdown or even a cyber-attack.

A decrease in your computing function’s reliability would have a detrimental effect on employee morale, as activities performed on malfunctioning software will be interrupted. So, you have to make sure that your software is up to date correctly.

You can handle your IT maintenance in a variety of ways, including:

  • Hire an in-house IT expert

     This is just an option for bigger businesses that can bear the high compensation that seasoned in-house IT experts command. Based on the servers’ size and use, a single IT professional can rarely offer the required IT support. In this situation, you’ll have to recruit a squad at a higher cost.

  • Delegate the IT maintenance duties to current workers

    This can appear to be a more cost-effective option for small companies but may lead to inadequate performance in the employee’s original job and tech maintenance tasks.

  • Outsource the IT maintenance

     This prevents delegating duties to other workers while being a cost-effective solution for small companies. You’ll also learn from the expertise and experience of a committed, specialist team.


To sum up, to function properly, computers, similar to any other electronic device, need proper maintenance. The importance technology has in modern life, and business makes IT maintenance a necessity. 

The complexity of computer equipment means that its maintenance requires particular attention. Considering the importance of IT maintenance, we believe you should consider checking out 1-800 Office Solutions. We are ready to support you with all your IT maintenance needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us at any time and for any need.

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